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US Money Reserve Review

Are you worried that you could lose your savings in today’s fickle and unforgiving economic climate? If so, you should consider investing in a secure gold IRA to protect your savings from economic factors like hyperinflation that could cost you everything.

In this US Money Reserve review we’ll see what this company is all about and whether or not you should be doing business with them to protect your savings.

Services and Products

US Money Reserve is a company that sells precious metals in the form of coins and bars. They have a rather limited inventory which is divided into the following categories:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Bullion Bars
  • Certified

It should be noted that the “Certified” section on their website is currently blank at the time of this writing.

Also they do have market pricing info on platinum and palladium at the top of their website but don’t seem to offer these products strangely enough.

One of the best things about US Money Reserve is that their prices are clearly listed on the website and you can order online. It must be mentioned however that you will pay a bit more if you decide to order using a credit card instead of a check. Here is an example of this price discrepancy:

1 OZ Gold American Eagle

QTY 1 – 9

Check – $1,354.23

Credit – $1,394.86

Keep in mind that the prices above are current as of this writing and subject to change.

As far as IRA services go there is really no mention of it on the site. US Money Reserve is simply a precious metals broker, not an official IRA custodian.


Normally this would be the section of our US Money Reserve Review where I list a few customer reviews but there really aren’t that many out there. However, what I did find was some controversy surrounding this company so let’s take a look at that instead.

Apparently US Money Reserve had some issues with the Texas Attorney General’s office. Here are a few excerpts from an article from 2011 titled: “U.S. Money Reserve to pay $5M in restitution to customers” from bizjournals.com

“Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve Inc. must provide $5 million in restitution to its customers following an investigation into the company’s efforts to market commemorative gold coins, the Texas Attorney General’s office announced Thursday.” – from bizjournals.com

“The Texas Attorney General’s office said it began to investigate the company after customers who inquired about the gold coins featured on its television advertisements encountered sales people who urged them to purchase more expensive commemorative coins claiming they would increase their value more effectively than bullion coins.

However, the significantly higher prices rendered the commemorative coins so expensive that customers would not see a increase in value for many years.” – from bizjournals.com

Here is a few excerpts from another article on the incident titled: ‘Consumer Smart: Beware U.S. Money Reserve and “Smishing”’ from kiiitv.com.

“Complaints received by the BBB allege that consumers contacted the company for government issued coins “at cost” and felt pressured to buy more expensive collectible coins, which were represented as being a better investment.

Bligh says consumers further alleged they later found out through independent appraisal that the collectible coins were not worth the price they paid for them

The BBB has given the U.S. Money Reserve an “F” rating. Factors that caused this rating include:

1) Advertising issues found by BBB.

2) 41 complaints filed against the business.

3) Two serious complaints filed against the business.

4) Government action against the business.

5) The business has failed to resolve the underlying cause of a pattern of complaints.” – from kiiitv.com

“Company Response to Complaints:

The company responded to consumer complaints by stating that coin dealers may not always appraise certified coins appropriately since their profit margins depend on the cost at which they acquire coins. Therefore, an individual will most likely not receive the full market value for their certified coins from a coin dealer.

The BBB files indicate the company generally responds to consumer complaints by explaining the return policy on the coins, and in some cases offering full refunds.” – from kiiitv.com

NOTE: Despite the word “Smishing” in the title apparently that has nothing to do with US Money Reserve; that was just an extra thing in the article called the “Scam of the Week” that kiiitv.com does.

Since this news is a bit dated I checked the BBB to see if US Money Reserve has improved their prices. Unfortunately they have not, they still have an “F” rating.

Final Verdict

While the ability to buy precious metals online hassle free is a nice service, I honestly can’t recommend US Money Reserve with all the controversy surrounding them. While their controversy isn’t as bad as some of the companies I’ve reviewed it is still a bad sign.

That being said, US Money Reserve also doesn’t handle IRA services either so they aren’t a viable option when looking to create a gold IRA or rollover your existing IRA into one.

The final score for this US Money Reserve review is:



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