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Tulving Review

Do you have nightmares about losing everything you’ve worked hard for in life due to today’s shaky economy? For some people, that nightmare is a reality. However, by investing in a sold gold IRA you can avoid this fate and even see your retirement savings grow.

But, which gold IRA company should you choose?

In this Tulving review we’ll take a look at a gold IRA company that filed for bankruptcy on March 11, 2014. While Tulving may no longer be around, there is still something we can all learn from what happened.

Services and Products

Normally I would list a company’s services in this section but Tulving’s website is no longer available. However, a little research has revealed the following about how they operated:

  • Was open 24/7 for both phone and email orders
  • Tended to handle high volume orders
  • Had relatively competitive pricing
  • Had been in business since 1990

We can also learn quite a bit about the company from their reviews.

Customer Feedback

As with many investment companies that go bankrupt, the customers tend to get the short end of the stick. Tulving’s reviews certainly seem to reflect this.

Here is a customer who claims to have lost his entire lifesavings to Tulving:

“We placed our order Jan 20th. Almost 2 months later we come to find out what he’s done.

This guy ripped us out of our life’s savings which in our case was well over $350k

I’m sickened by this. This needs to be addressed as a criminal case not a civil case.” – Gregg from Gold Dealer Reviews

In this review a customer who had previously had positive experiences with the company reports a sharp decline in service:

“I wired funds for gold products that was listed as available on their website. Received an invoice on 8/15/13 by email stating that they received the funds. Still haven’t received it after 3 weeks. I’ve dealt with Tulving many times before, last time in late 2012. And each time they were always quick to ship taking only a few business days at the most. So now this is totally unexpected and got me worried as I don’t know what’s going on with them. Called Karen couple of times and each time they only states that they’re running behind and cannot give a firm date when they might ship.” – Jim from Gold Dealer Reviews

Another customer had similar issues:

“My experience is the same as others: placing orders are a breeze, receiving orders is a battle. Two months, three months … who knows when you’ll get your bullion. Nobody knows what is going on.” – Ann Randal from Gold Dealer Reviews

As you can see, the reviews tell the sad tale of a company as it slowly self-destructed. Here are some overall scores for Tulving:

1.8/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

Alert Issued – BBB

1.7/5 TrustLink

Final Verdict

As we come to the end of this Tulving review we have to ask ourselves what we can learn from Tulving’s demise. I think the most important thing to take away from this tragic tale is the fact that if you’re doing business with a gold IRA company and they go under your assets with them could be lost forever.

While I would normally give a final score for a company at this point in the review, I don’t have one for Tulving considering it is no longer in business.

Instead I give you a warning: be very careful what gold IRA company you choose to do business with. Even if their service and pricing is top notch, if they go out of business you could lose everything anyway.

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