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The Goldsmith Review

In these tough economic times it only makes sense to protect your savings by investing in something that is resistant to hyperinflation, the dying US dollar, and our incompetent government. For this reason people are turning to the safety of a gold IRA to protect their savings and allow their net worth to grow.

In this “The Goldsmith” review we’re going to go over this company and see if they are a good choice to consider when planning out your investment strategy.

Services and Products

The Goldsmith is a jewelry store that sells a variety of items including diamonds, gold, silver, and more. The big question is: Do they sell anything that would work in an investment portfolio?

The unfortunate answer to that is: no they don’t.

They also don’t buy gold and other precious metals from what I can tell either, making them a poor choice when you need to liquidate some of your assets.

Honestly they don’t really have anything to offer that would be useful for investment purposes.

Customer Feedback

In this section of our “The Goldsmith” review we’ll see just what people are saying about them and how they do business.

This particular individual had a good experience with the company:

“Truly a place you can trust your precious jewelry and watches to be taken care of in the utmost care and precision.” – Deepak M from Yelp.com

This customer also had praise for the company:

“It has been over a year since our purchase and the wife still loves her new wedding band and engagement band. No issues. Excellent quality. Still highly recommend.” – Viet D from Yelp.com

This customer however had some issues with their service:

“This place is  nothing close to what it promises on its website, the woman in charge of the shop is an air head who is rude and condescending. I took a David yurman bracelate to be fixed and it took over 2 weeks to hear from them. So I physically go there to be told that beads are missing when I’m 100% sure I brought them all. I own the same bracelet just with different color beads therefore i know how many beads are on the bracelate as I measured them and compared them before I even went to them. So what do they do when I ask for the bracelate back ? They ruined it by poorly welding it and leaving an unpolished and deform area on the clasp and the chain! Unbelievable!!  Cant even begin to describe how upsetting this experience was so just be warned You’d be much better off going to bloomingdales,nordstroms or any other jeweler for that matter  ,Otherwise you’ll end up on yelp having to write a negative review about this place like my self …..” – Mac L. Yelp.com

Here are some overall scores for The Goldsmith that I found:

5/5 – Yelp (Palo Alto CA)

5/5 – Yelp (Glendale AZ)

3.5/5 – Yelp (Chicago IL)


Final Verdict

To end this “The Goldsmith” review I’ll be giving the company a final score based on everything that we’ve gone over. The final score for The Goldsmith is:

0/10 – as an IRA option

7/10 – as a jewelry store

The bottom line here is that The Goldsmith is practically useless to you for IRA or investment purposes. They sell jewelry and that’s about it.


If you’re looking for a gold investment/IRA company that has an exemplarily track record when it comes to customer service, my top pick is defiantly Regal Assets.

Regal Assets has earned perfect scores with the BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and many others over its 50 years of business. In addition to that, it has only had 1 complaint in the past 3 years, something practically unheard of in the gold investment industry.

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