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Swiss American Review

When you open a gold IRA to protect your savings from hyper inflation, the failing US dollar, and our increasingly incompetent government who you chose as your custodian is incredibly important.

With the right custodian you can actually see your net worth increase in addition to keeping your savings safe and secure.

In this Swiss American review we’ll find out whether or not this company is what you’re looking for in a gold IRA custodian.

Services and Products

I always consider it a bad sign if I go to a company’s website and I can’t immediately tell what they are offering. Swiss America has a TON of information on their website but very little about their actual services at first glance. After a tedious amount of digging I found information on IRAs though it was never mentioned if Swiss America actually provided IRA services.

Giving up I actually had to look at other sources online to find out what Swiss America is all about. As it turns out, they are apparently a gold and precious metals IRA custodian.

Aside from that they have a ton of info on their site as preciously mentioned. You can find articles on just about anything and everything related to gold and precious metals investment.

This may be interesting to some but I personally prefer a more straightforward approach to web design and like to have more information on a company’s actual services before I sign up. Why keep us in the dark?

Customer Reviews

In this section of our Swiss American review we’ll see just what people have to say about this company so you can get a better insight into how they do business.

This customer claims that the advice he received from Swiss America was biased towards selling him numismatic coins:

“made my first two purchases through them, good service, good help desk, good shipping, the downside was i was new to purchasing gold and got sold on the idea of buying numismatic coins (entirely my fault i should have done more research and made myself more sales pitch resistant) not a bad company but their business model is making pitches for numismatic coin collecting sales. their advice on what is and isn’t a good investment is biased to making that sale.. otherwise i was happy with them…” – Steve from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer also reports that he was steered into buying numismatic coins against his best interest:

“I started purchasing gold and silver to protect my assets from a devalued US dollar. I purchased from swiss america and was steered into buying numismatic coins that would do nothing to protect from inflation.” – Greg from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer had a positive experience but he was set on buying numismatic coins from the start so that may explain it:

“I have made two purchases from this outstanding company. Their customer service and advice is off the charts. As far as purchasing newmismatic coins go, it seems the most sensible purchase for those who don’t want big brother knowing how much they have invested. I would recommend this company to anyone who has a desire to protect a portion of his wealth. Buy back guarantee is a great bonus as well. Can’t go wrong with these guys.” – Terry from Gold Dealer Reviews

Overall there aren’t too many ratings for Swiss America but here is what I found:

3.1/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2.5/5 – Personal Income

3/5 – Yellow pages

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

So what can I say about Swiss America? Apparently they are an IRA custodian but it seems they are more interested in selling you numismatic coins from the reviews that I’ve read.

Feedback seems to be a mixed bag, with some people enjoying their services, while others have serious problems with their honesty or lack thereof. Considering what a huge issue honesty is when it comes to a gold IRA custodian the final score for this Swiss America review is:


Personally I would like to see much more transparency on the Swiss America website. You shouldn’t have to spend forever digging through random articles on gold investment and related topics just to try and figure out what a company has to offer. It seems really shady but that’s just my impression, though there are apparently others who agree.


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