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South Bay Gold Review

Nobody knows how much longer our economy can withstand the stress of hyperinflation and an incompetent government. That’s why many people are investing in gold IRAs to protect their savings. How safe are your savings? Would they survive another economic recession?

In this South Bay Gold review we’re going to go over this company and see if they have a place in your investment strategy when it comes to protecting your savings.

Services and Products

South Bay Gold is “LA’s biggest gold and diamonds buyers” or so their website says anyway. On the surface this company may seem like your typical jewelry dealer (one with some exceptionally creative and eye-catching designs I must say) but they do offer other services that may interest you when it comes to protecting your savings.

Here are the services you may be interested in as listed on their website:

  • Bullion & Rare Coins: We buy & sell gold, silver, platinum coins/bars, PCGS & NGC certified coins, and raw coins.
  • Buying Diamonds & precious stones from public
  • Gold Refinery
  • Buying: Gold, Platinum, & Silver from public

Also don’t think that just because they’re a jewelry dealer that gold, silver, and platinum bullion/coins are an after thought. On their site they have a widget that tracks the current value of these metals as well as palladium.

The only issue here is that there is no information on IRAs on their website. Meaning that you’ll have to be very careful about buying only IRS approved metals and finding a custodian to store them for you.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our South Bay Gold review we’ll go over what actual customers are saying about this company so you can get an idea of how they do business.

This customer was impressed with their prices for buying gold:

“Selling Gold:
They post their prices on their website per gram or pennyweight. The prices are always slightly better then their nearest competitors. Bit.ly/Sell Gold

. All precious metals are tested!” – Alize B. – from Yelp.com

This customer on the other hand didn’t like their prices for coins:

“Don’t believe their on-line purchase price for US gold coins – they are looking for coins with big numismatic value at those prices. They offered me $200 less than their on-line price for AU-53 Liberty gold pieces. I came away feeling dirty, and certainly didn’t sell to them – Save your gas – don’t drive to these tiny shops. They’re apparently bottom-feeders.” – Bob C. from Trustlink

However this customer reports getting some very good prices from them:

“Best service in the world, and they were almost double the price 2 other dealers offered me for my gold jewelry and coins! Regret not coming here sooner because I have been selling gold to other places that were a rip off for almost 2 years now! Thank you so much South Bay Gold, new customer for life.” – Aristos T. from Trustlink

Here are the overall scores I found for South Bay Gold:

4.5/5 – TrustLink

4/5 Google Reviews (Torrance CA)

4.4/5 – Google Reviews (Manhattan Beach CA)

4/5 – Yelp (Manhattan Beach CA)

4/5 – Yelp (Torrance CA)

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap up this South Bay Gold review with a final score based off of what we learned about the company.

0/10 – as an IRA option

6/10 – as a precious metals broker

The thing about South Bay Gold is the fact that they don’t have any IRA information on their website. This makes me skeptical as to whether or not they can help you purchase IRS approved metals for your IRA. On top of that, they don’t offer you any suggestions as to what custodian you should use so you’re pretty much on your own after you purchase your metals.

And when it comes to selling gold/diamonds, they don’t seems to have a mail in program, meaning that if you don’t live in southern California they probably won’t be of any use to you.


If you’re looking for a gold IRA custodian with an outstanding track record my top recommendation is Regal Assets.

Endorsed by big names such as Dennis Miller, Lars Larson, Jerry Doyle, and Alan Thicke, Regal Assets is one of the most trusted names in the gold investment industry with a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance watchdog group.

For more information on how Regal Assets can help protect your retirement savings and/or investment portfolio from hyperinflation and the declining US dollar Click Here.