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Siegel Jewelers Review

The recent economic crisis of 2008 hit the US hard and people are still struggling to this day. Every day more and more people end up losing their retirement savings and are forced to work well past the retirement age.

Fortunately with a gold IRA you can protect your saving and even see an increase in your net worth in some cases. This is because gold and precious metals tend to increase in value during times of economic hardship and maintain their value when the economy is good.

In this Siegel Jewelers review we’ll find out of this company is a good fit for you and your investment strategy.

Services and Products

As their name implies, Sigel Jewelers is a jewelry company. However, they also provide other services which you might find handy. The most notable of these is their appraisal services and their gold/diamond buying services.

Unfortunately their website doesn’t have a lot of information on these services and simply says “See store for details.”

Their store is located in Grand Rapids Michigan and they apparently don’t have a mail-in service so you’re going to be out of luck if you don’t live in the area.

Customer Feedback

Let’s take a moment in this Siegel Jewelers review to see what people are saying about the company, both the good and the bad.

This customer was impressed with the high level of customer service offered at Siegel Jewelers:

“I love Siegel Jewelers! They have great customer service and will help you decide what you want and help out office with appraisals. CJ is great to work with and will always hook us up with the best person to work with!” – Alyssa Ludema – from Google Reviews

This customer had an issue with an employee who allegedly damaged her watch and put her trhough and ordeal:

“When we were looking for a place to replace the battery and water seal on a $1800 Raymond Weil watch, we went to Siegel, because they appeared to be reputable (at least on the surface). They were anything but. First, they represented that they were authorized service providers for our watch brand . . . they were not. Then they represented that they would be sending the watch to the manufacturer for battery replacement and resealing . . . they did not. In fact, they replaced the battery in their own “remote location,” and didn’t properly reseal it against water damage . . . and the watch was damaged as a result.

After bringing the damaged watch back to Siegel, they claimed first claimed that it would cost us $350 for a “routine cleaning.” We finally checked with the manufacturer, who said that was not right. Only after they were pressed did they admit that the “battery leaked.” Again, not true. The damage was due to water leaking (and even if they battery they replaced DID leak in just a year, they SHOULD have stood behind the repair). Unable to locate the receipt, we went to the store where the clerk noted that all records of taking the watch for battery replacement (over the past 10 years) had somehow magically “disappeared.”  We are being forced to review historical charge statements to verify the date of the last battery replacement.” – Catherine B. from Yelp.com

Jim S. of Siegel Jewelers responded:

“Dear Catherine,

I am the owner of Siegel Jewelers and I want to personally apologize and let you know we are willing to do whatever we can to make it right. We are deeply sorry for all the trouble and confusion you went through.

The employee who told you the misinformation has been dealt with and we can assure you this will never be a problem again. We appreciate your honesty and wish you the best.

Thanks and we hope to see you back at Siegel Jewelers!” – Jim S. from Yelp.com

This customer was impressed with their product selection:

“Siegel knocks out those cheesy mall Jewelry shops.  GREAT selection of sparkly goods and very knowledgeable staff, I was surprised they had such an extensive Estate collection which is my personal fave :)” – Patra G. from Yelp.com

Scores for Sigel Jewelers seem to be mostly positive:

4.5/5 – Google Reviews

3.5/5 – Yelp.com

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

Siegel Jewelers seems to be a good location to buy jewelry as well as have other services preformed such as appraisal, selling gold and diamond, and more. Feedback has been really good for the most part and issues like the one mentioned above seem to be a rarity.

However, since this website is about investing in gold and precious metals I have to score the company accordingly. Unfortunately I’m not sure whether or not they buy investment grade metals so the final score for this Siegel Jewelers review is:

8/10 – as a jewelry store

?/10 – as an option to liquidate your precious metals

If you live in the Grand Rapids area and need to liquidate some of your precious metals it can’t hurt to pay them a visit and see if they can help you.


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