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Rust Rare Coin Review

Could you wake up tomorrow to learn that most of yoru savings have been lost due to our fickle economy? In today’s day and age, nothing is for certain except that a gold IRA is one of the most secure ways to protect your savings from the dangers of hyperinflation, the decline of the US dollar, and our incompetent government.

In this Rust Rare Coin review we will see what this company has to offer and whether or not you should do business with them.

Services and Products

Rust Rare Coin is a coin dealer, as you would probably assume given their name. They have a pretty big selection of coins organized by type such as half cents, quarters, etc.

Honestly there isn’t much to say about Rust Rare Coin’s services and products: they sell coins and that’s about it. But do they sell investment grade metals?

Their products listings are not marked as IRS accepted or not and there is no section for investment grade metals so it isn’t entirely clear what may or may not be acceptable for a precious metals IRA.

They do however have a page that talks about bullion, investing in precious metals, IRAs, etc. but it is just info and no services are provided. It appears that Rust Rare Coin is not an official gold IRA custodian and offer no services related to a gold IRA.

Rust Rare Coin does have two additional services: their Boy Scout coin collecting merit badge program and their Mormon money section. However neither of these apply to precious metals investment.

Customer Feedback

In this section of our Rust Rare Coin review we will look over some customer feedback and see how they do business.

This customer was disappointed by the fact that Rust Rare Coin never had Silver Eagles in stock when he wanted them:

“I checked this shop out because it came up in a Google search. They seemed nice over the phone so I drove down one morning. They have odd hours and didn’t open until 9:30am. I was trying to buy a few Silver Eagles but they were not in stock. I went to Monarch coin (a different coin shop in SLC) and they had them. I tried going to Rust Coin for Silver Eagles three times after (about a month a part each time), but again, they never have Silver Eagles in stock. You can order them but they told me that it takes about a month to receive them. There are several other shops in SLC that are reputable and actually have Silver Eagles in hand. Don’t waste your time w/ Rust Coin.” – Ben F from Google Reviews

This individual was impressed with his customer service experience:

“I am impressed with Rust Rare Coin. I do not look my income to say the least. When I go to RRC I am treated the same as a lady in a nice dress or man in an expensive suit. I have bought several ounces of Silver, quite a few ounces of Gold and sold some gold for friends at Rust as well. Each transaction is handled in the store front, each time it takes just a couple of minutes. Delivery of rounds can take a while depending on the demand but that is a market sector issue at hand. In the future I will go back to RRC.” – Rory Siwik from Google Reviews

Here we have two very short yet different reviews:

“honest reputable coin dealer” – Joseph Samuel from Google Reviews

“Poor customer service, employees are douches!!!” – Jose Borjas from Google Reviews

Overall there wasn’t much feedback for Rust Rare Coin but here is what I managed to find:

3.9/5 – Google Reviews

5/5 – Yellowbot (based on 3 reviews)

5/5 – from local.yahoo.com (based on 2 reviews)

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

Rust Rare Coin has a very streamlined and simple business model in that they sell coins and that’s about it. They do have some extra services such as their Boy Scout program but nothing that really applies to precious metals investment.

As far as feedback goes, it is a mixed bag but there is more positive there than negative.

That being said I can’t really recommend Rust Rare Coin for investment purposes unless you are highly experienced with buying investment grade coins or if you’re making purchases through a qualified gold IRA custodian.

The final score for this Rust Rare Coin review is:

1/10- IRA services

7/10 – as a coin dealer


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