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Rocky Mountain Coin Review

Afraid you’ll lose all of your savings thanks to our fickle economy as many other hardworking Americans have? If you haven’t invested in a gold IRA yet you should be. Gold IRAs are the best way to protect your savings from hyperinflation, the decline of the US dollar, and our incompetent government.

In this Rocky Mountain Coin review we will take a look at this company and see what products and services they offer and whether or not you should consider doing business with them.

Services and Products

As its name implies, Rocky Mountain Coin is a coin dealer. In addition to selling collectable coins, they also sell bullion coins as well. On top of this, they also have some bars for sell which can be good for investment purposes.

The downside here is that their website only lists their bullion coins and bars. For information on their other products, such as currency, you have to get in touch with them.

It should also be mentioned that Rocky Mountain Coin has an eBay store.

In addition to all the products they sell, Rocky Mountain Coin also buys precious metals from you as well. Once again though, you’d have to get in touch with them for details on how this works and the prices they offer.

As far as IRA services go Rocky Mountain Coin is not an official gold IRA custodian and provides no information or services on their website of that nature.

Customer Feedback

In this section of our Rocky Mountain Coin review we will see what people have to say about this company and how they do business.

This person claims to have had a customer service incident with the company:

“been buying gold/silver here almost every year for thirty yaers, used to buy gold at $35 an ounce, normally like the place, several weeks ago i had to sell some the same exact gold i purchased here at a premium price but was told that my coins were damaged, they were and always had been in plastic sleeves, i didnt see any damage but they refused to offer going rate and lowered their quote substantially, I told them these were the same coins they sold me at a premium years before and the young pr***k behind the counter essentially told me i was lying, thirty years and they treat you like sh*t over a few bucks
I went to another place where they gave me going price and never made any comment about coin condition except to say they were in fine shape. go figure” – Dennis D. from Yelp.com

This customer had issues with their pricing:

“I’m a college student and I had to get $250 the next day to make a deposit on a place to live so I took my roll of American Silver Eagles into them. The lady gave me $1.00 less than melt for 6 of them and $1.50 less than melt for 13 of them. Read: LESS THAN MELT VALUE!!! American Silver Eagles almost always go for considerably MORE than melt value than I was given. Offering less than melt value was really a slap in the face, but since I had driven from Golden and needed the money soon I just went with it. I wish I had seen Dave next door before I sold them because from the other comments, he is a better dealer. Highly NOT recommended.” – Colby Renfro from Google Reviews

This person on the other hand had a good allround experience:

“Was very happy with selling my collection here..I got top dollar and the staff was friendly and courteous. Thank you !!” – Bulha Welch from Google Reviews

Here are some of Rocky Mountain Coin’s eBay reviews:

Prompt, Smooth, Professional Transaction. Definately Two Thumbs Up From Here!!

Nice coin.thanks.

Great seller! A+

Overall scores for Rocky Mountain Coin are mostly middle of the road other than their eBay score:

3.5/5 – Google Reviews (Denver CO)

4.1/5 – Google Reviews (Greenwood Village CO)

3.5/5 – Yelp

100% Positive – eBay

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

For the most part Rocky Mountain Coin seems like a decent business, mediocre, but decent. Their reviews are fairly average as are their services and product selection (from what was actually listed on their website)

If you’re going to do business with them their eBay store might be the way to go as people seem to be having good experiences there.

As for IRA services and buying precious metals for investment proposes I can’t really recommend them unless you have years of experience doing this. Otherwise I recommend you get with a trustworthy gold IRA custodian like Regal Assets and allow them to take care of things for you.

The final score for this Rocky Mountain Coin review is:

6/10 (they got an extra point due to their positive eBay store feedback)


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