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Republic Monetary Exchange Review

Have you ever though of investing in a gold IRA to protect your savings from our chaotic economy? If so, you’re making a smart move. Investing in a gold IRA can not only protect your savings but also increase in value over time.

In this Republic Monetary Exchange review we will see what services and products this company offers and if they are a good fit for your investment strategy.

Services and Products

Republic Monetary Exchange (Also known as RME) is a gold IRA custodian that provides various services related to helping you start a gold/precious metals IRA. This includes 401k rollovers and setting up a gold IRA from scratch.

They also have a decent amount of information on their website about gold, silver, and other investment related topics. This can be handy if you’re into that sort of thing.

As far as products, they have a selection of both gold and silver coins as well as junk silver. While they do have a section that mentions platinum on their website they don’t have any platinum products listed and instead ask you to call them about it which is kind of odd.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our Republic Monetary Exchange review we will look at some actual customer reviews to see just how this company does business and treats its customers.

This customer had issues with the prices offered by Republic Monetary Exchange:

“terrible, run, dont buy collector coins here, they will sell them at 30% plus over street price. shop around you will certainly find it cheaper at any place else. when you have a problem forget getting help. run run run” – A Google User from Google Reviews

This customer on the other hand had a positive experience:

“Have bought gold/silver twice this year (2012), no issues. Just picked up 1 oz maple leaf (gold). Gold when I called was at $1705/oz. They charged a $65 “premium”, under 5%, so happy. Silver “peace $” was right at 10% mark-up.” – Dan D. from PM Bull

This individual claims his brother ended up paying much more than he should have:

“My brother had some silver transfered over to his IRA, he paid about 3 times the amount for the silver at the spot price, silver was being traded at. After being charged $150.00 a year for storage, and $100.00 a year for book keeping ,his investment has cost him way than he expected. If he woud have bought a bar of silver and buried it in his back yard, he would have made 600.00.
Someone has got to pay for all thier advertising.” – Joe Tucker from local.Yahoo.com

Overall scores for Republic Monetary Exchange aren’t looking too good:

1/5 – local.yahoo.com

1.5/5 – Yellowbot.com

2/5 – Tupalo.co

4.5/5 – PM Bull

1.5/5 – Google Reviews


Final Verdict

Overall it really seems like the Republic Monetary Exchange is fairly average as far as gold IRA services go. There is really nothing to differentiate them from most of their competitors other than the fact that they don’t have any platinum products listed on their website for some reason.

As far as customer service goes, there are a decent number of complaints about overpricing. This can be a HUGE issue because a gold IRA is supposed to be an investment and high prices can drastically diminish your returns. This fact alone had a major impact on my final score.

The final score for this Republic Monetary Exchange review is:



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