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Provident Metals Review

Could you wake up tomorrow only to find that you’ve lost your life savings due to economic factors beyond your control? Let’s face it, we live in chaotic economic times and if you aren’t protecting your life savings with a gold IRA, you’re taking a major risk.

In this Provident Metals review we’ll be going over this company and will see if they’re the right one for you when it comes to protecting your future from a volatile economy that could take away everything you worked hard for in the blink of an eye.

Services and Products

One of the first things that really stands out about Provident Metals is their themed coins and precious metals packages. Several interesting investment options include:

Zombucks the Barber: Currency of the Apocalypse – a zombie themed coin set.

Molon Labe – a coin series featuring ancient Spartan themes mixed with modern weaponry.

Birds of Prey: Peregrine Falcon – a coin featuring the famous peregrine falcon and Queen Elizabeth II.

Nick Stram: Fit to Fight Cancer – a special coin in which all profits go to help Nick and his family deal with the mounting costs of cancer treatment.

Okay, you’re probably thinking that this is all pretty weird sounding but I assure you, these are real products from Provident Metals. Interestingly enough, they also have a section on their website offering “survivalist” style foods and gear.

When it comes to actual gold and precious metals IRAs, Provident Metals doesn’t actually function as a custodian but their website states “Provident Metals has partnered with the most respected IRA custodians in the industry who will help you purchase, receive and store your precious metals in a secure, insured vault facility.” So they will hook you up with someone who can help apparently.

Customer Reviews

Now for the best part of this Provident Metals review: the customer feedback. Overall they seem to be somewhat of a mixed bag, let’s take a look.

This customer was impressed by their fast shipping:

“I bought my silver dollars from them and got it within 3-4 days” – Paul M. from Site Jabber

However, another customer had issues with the shipping:

“I’ve placed two orders with Provident. I received the first order after more than a month. It’s now 3 1/2 weeks since they received payment for the second order, and it hasn’t been shipped yet.” – Wiley M. from Site Jabber

One reoccurring issue that has been mentioned is the lack of care when it comes to packaging, as mentioned in this review:

“Provident Metals shipped my coins with no bubble wrap, newspaper or other protective material. One of the coin tubes cracked and I received half of the Almost Uncirculated Morgan Silver dollars significantly scratched. I had ordered $3,200 worth of coins, appoximately $700 dollars worth were scratched due to improper packaging.” – Richard Robens from Gold Dealer Reviews

3.5/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2.6/5 – Site Jabber

As you can see, review scores for Provident Metals is mostly middle of the road.

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap up this Provident Metals review with a final score based on the research that I’ve done. As previously mentioned their most notable attribute are the unique coins that they offer. Some may like this while others may find it gimmicky.

Aside from that however is the fact that while they do sell some interesting coins Provident Metals is NOT a gold/precious metals IRA custodian. In other words they aren’t going to help you set up an IRA to protect your assets, they’ll simply refer you to someone else.

Which leads me to the final score:

3/10 – as far as IRA’s go

7/10 – as a precious metals dealer

While Provident Metals isn’t the source you’d turn to if you’re looking to start a gold IRA, they are a competent precious metals dealer (aside from shipping issues). And if you have a thing for weird limited edition coins and survivalist gear you might want to check them out.

But if you’re looking for a top-tier gold IRA custodian, my highest recommendation is definitely Regal Assets.

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