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Panda America Review

We live in a day and age where people are losing their entire life savings practically overnight thanks to the fickle economic climate. The good news is that by investing in a gold IRA you are able to keep your savings safe and also watch your investment grow in most cases.

In this Panda America review we will see what this company has to offer and if you should use them as a part of your investment strategy for the future.

Services and Products

Panda America is a coin dealer that sells a variety of coins from around the world. In addition to the Chinese Pandas from China they also have coins from Germany, Singapore, the US, and more.

While the main focus of Panda America seems to be catering to coin collectors they do sell bullion as well such as the aforementioned Chinese Pandas. They even have silver bars as well.

Another interesting product they sell is their coin bezel. This item allows you to take a coin you purchased and turn it into a wearable pendant. This is really neat though not something you’d want to do with investment grade metal.

It should also be mentioned that Panda America has an eBay store which seems to be very popular.

Unfortunate it seems that this is as much as Panda America has to offer as far as products and services go. They have another section on their website labeled “Collectables” but it is currently empty.

As far as IRA services go, Panda America is not an official IRA custodian and they do not provide such services.

Customer Feedback

In this section of this Panda America review we will go over several customer reviews about this company so you can see how they do business.

This customer mentions that Panda America’s prices are pretty high compared to other dealers.

“The company is trustworthy and professional but you can usually find cheaper prices elsewhere!!!  They also sell on e-bay and I have found exceptional deals from them on e-bay, but their posted prices on their website are not usually competitive.” – Ethan Z. from Yelp.com

This customer says the customer service has declined over recent years:

“I have been using Panda America’s website to order the Chinese Panda coins for over 5 years. In the last two years, starting in 2012, I have noticed a significant decrease in customer service. Recent orders I have placed with them have been untimely and they even provided the wrong coin. I had ordered the 2010 panda coin and instead received the 2013 coin. Also, they had charged my credit card for an item that they did not ship. The item was on back order and I had to wait for several months before they shipped it. But they had charged my card at the time I placed the order. I called their customer service to address this issue, but they did not correct it. I will be using other dealers from this point on.” – Coin Collector from Gold Dealer Reviews

Here are some of their eBay reviews:

Excellent seller! Thank you!! A+

Great product and fast shipping. Item as described. Good seller A++. Thank you

Item received in nicely packed manner, TQ!

Overall scores for Panda America’s website are pretty low but they are typically based on only one or two reviews. Their eBay scores however are nearly perfect.

3/5 – Yelp

1.7/5 – Gold Dealer Reivews

100% Positive – eBay

Final Verdict

Panda America sets itself apart from competing coin dealers by offering a wide selection of international coins that you’d probably be hard pressed to find anywhere else. They also sell bullion which is a plus but their lack of IRA services make it so I can’t really recommend them for this unless you have tons of experience buying your own investment grade metals or if you’re doing business through a credible IRA custodian.

As far as customer services goes, there do seem to be some complaints about that as well as their prices on their website. On the other hand, their eBay store seems to be very popular with hardly any complaints.

The final score for this Panda America review is:

0/10 – IRA services

7/10 – as a coin dealer


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