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MJPM Review

Have you considered investing in a gold IRA to protect your savings? As you probably know, our economy is currently in a chaotic and treacherous state and financial assets like stocks, bonds, and currency are never safe. A gold IRA not only helps you to keep your savings secure, it can also grow in value as well.

In this MJPM review we’ll take a close look at this company and their services to see if you should consider doing business with them. Are they a good option when it comes to protecting your savings? Let’s find out.

Services and Products

Doing these reviews I’ve had the opportunity to visit some pretty bad websites but the MJPM site may be one of the worst. It is a jumbled mess and looks like something straight out of the 90s. That being said, I did manage to figure out what services and products they offer.

MJPM buys and sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins. They also buy and sell jewelry as well. Overall their selection seems to be pretty good and they even have some bars on there as well. The only issue here is that they don’t list what is IRS approved for your IRA.

Speaking of gold IRAs, they do have some info on them on their site but it never really leads anywhere. At the end they always just encourage you to give them a call.

This brings up another point; you can trade by phone instead of having to visit their store in person. This is a good thing as many small time precious metal brokers do not have a mail-in program meaning that if you don’t live in the area of their store you’re out of luck.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our MJPM review we would normally see what customers are saying about this company. However, I couldn’t really find many reviews. All I could dig up was their BBB score and eBay feedback.

Here are a few eBay reviews:

“Coin securely delivered 5/10. Quality Ebay Seller. Thank you for a nice coin.”

“Great product. Excellent service. Well recommended.”

“Got it, love it, am happy!”

Their BBB score is an A+ which is about par for the course.

Finals Verdict

Bad website aside, MJPM seems like a fairly decent precious metals broker for the most part. The lack of customer feedback does bug me but I suppose that is to be expected from a small time operation like theirs.

As for the eBay feedback it is 100% positive but that isn’t hard to do so long as you don’t make a major screw up. Also I don’t recommend buying investment grade metals from eBay.

MJPM is not an official IRA custodian so I can’t recommend them for IRA services unfortunately. My final score for this MJPM review is:



If you’re looking for an official gold IRA custodian with an outstanding track record my top recommendation is Regal Assets.

Endorsed by big names such as Dennis Miller, Lars Larson, Jerry Doyle, and Alan Thicke, Regal Assets is one of the most trusted names in the gold investment industry with a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance watchdog group.

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