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Missouri Coin Company Inc. Review

The current economic climate is cause for alarm for many, especially those who have invested in unreliable financial assets like stocks, bonds, or currency. If you’re thinking about starting a gold IRA you are making a smart move as gold and other precious metals have been shown to increase in value during rough economic times.

In this Missouri Coin Company Inc. review we will take a close look at what this company has to offer and whether or not they can meet your needs when it comes to protecting your savings.

Services and Products

The Missouri Coin Company sells coins as you would expect. They offer both gold/silver coins and bars but their full inventory is not listed on their website unfortunately. Speaking of which, their website is rather poorly designed but I’ve seen worse.

They also sell collector supplies but you will be linked to their eBay store for that.

As for IRA services they do mention that and can help you but they are not an official IRA custodian. Instead you have to choose one of the four IRA custodians they are partnered with:

  • The Entrust Group
  • New Direction IRA
  • Midland IRA
  • Sterling Trust Company

WARNING: If you have read my Sterling Trust Company review you know where this is going. The Sterling Trust Company has been accused repeatedly of scams, fraud, cover-ups and more. They have a ton of negative reviews and are surrounded by controversy. Referring you to Sterling Trust Company reflects VERY poorly on Missouri Coin Company Inc. unfortunately.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our Missouri Coin Company review we’ll see what customers have to say about this company and how they do business.

This individual had some issues with the owner who he claims treated him rudely:

“ARE YOU SERIOUS???  I usually spend $300 to $400 every time I visit Missouri Coin Company.  I’ve seen their reviews, but until today, never experienced the owner’s lack of common courtesy myself.  I have heard the owner and his employees joking about the guy who always comes in with a sob story that buys silver and then comes in to sell it back.  Met the guy too.  Seemed okay to me.  However, today I caught some of that attitude and disrespect for the folks who keep him employed myself.  I left work early to get to the store in time to buy some Morgan Dollars.  The side of his showcase had people on it, so we moved to the side nearest the door.   After about five minutes, he came over, told me I was taking too long, that his employees didn’t have time to watch me and that I needed to buy and go.  Really?  Mentioned that I usually spend quite a bit, but he didn’t care.  His daughter seemed rather apologetic (FYI… both his son and daughter are great), but the owner has some issues.” – Daniel K. from Yelp.com

This individual also had issues with poor customer service and rudeness:

“Went in to see if a coin was worth anything, took one look at it in the protective plastic case and tossed it back saying it was junk and didn’t need to see the paperwork accompanying the coin and that he sees tons of them was insulted I even brought the coin in. Very loudly stated all this in front of other customers. Left feeling humiliated. Empathy and gentler treatment of my item would have been a better way to handle this” – A Google User from Google Reviews

The trend continues with this customer review:

“I am a experienced coin collector, however, when I go to MO Coin, they TRY to make me feel like an idiot. Rude, inconsiderate, and full of themselves.

They must do a good business with internet sales, because I can’t believe people would go back to their store a second time. I know I won’t.” – Bill H. from Citysearch

Overall reviews for Missouri Coin Company Inc. are mostly negative and their scores reflect this:

33/100 – Citysearch

1.5/5/5 – Yelp

3.4/5 – Google Reviews

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

First let me say that I’m never a big fan of a precious metals broker who tries to shoehorn you into doing business with a select few gold IRA custodians instead of allowing you to choose your own. This is made even worse by the fact that Missouri Coin Company recommends the shady Sterling Trust Company as an IRA option.

On top of that there are quite a few negative reviews for Missouri Coin Company Inc. most of which involve complaints of rudeness. I personally find such behavior unacceptable.

In Missouri Coin Company Inc.’s defense I did not however find any major complaints or accusations of fraud or outright scams though. Even so, I still can’t recommend this company in anyway.

The final score for this Missouri Coin Company Inc. review is:



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