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Maine Gold & Silver

Does the treacherous economic climate in the US have you worried that you could lose everything that you’ve ever worked for in the blink of an eye? If you haven’t invested in a gold IRA it should. Gold and other precious metals are the best way to protect your savings from hyperinflation and the dying US dollar.

In this Maine Gold & Silver review we will see just what this company has to offer and if you should be doing business with them in order to protect your savings.

Services and Products

Maine Gold & Silver is a “family based jewelry and coin store” as it says on their website. While they do buy/sell precious metals there does seem to be a heavy focus on jewelry.

Here is a list of what they have to offer:

  • Estate jewelry
  • Wedding jewelry
  • Coins and Bullion

Another thing that is interesting is their “Shop from Home” program. Basically this program allows you to brows various jewelry companies and then make a purchase through Main Gold & Silver. Don’t be mislead though, there is no mail-in or delivery program from what I can tell, you’ll have to actually make the transaction in person at their store located in South Portland ME. If you don’t live in the area, you’re out of luck.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our Maine Gold & Silver review we will see what others are saying about this company and its business practices.

This customer says he has had mostly good experiences with the story but had some issues with a new employee:

“I?ve had a handful of good experiences (polite at least) at the store and usually find the appraisers very tolerant to my lack of knowledge. Today I went in with a bunch of scrap (I believe its called) or broken/mismatched/junk to have inspected and an employee I?ve never interacted with before sassed the sh1t out of me. He was so upset. Thought id share” – anunlawfullot from Superpages.com

This individual enjoys their service and jewelry:

“Wonderful! Sell beautiful pieces…..and have a fabulous staff. I buy all jewerly there!” – DD from Superpages.com

This individual also claims to have had customer service issues:

“I was shoping for some state quaters for my son and they had very little interest in helping me. Lots of attitude. I felt like I was in there way!” – Linda Braley

There was one review from pissedconsumer.com that really stood out:

“These People Have no idea what there doing!I brought in receipts (they never knew i had them) and the actual jewelry 3 pieces (white gold, silver and platinum) adds up to 800 USD worth, and they told me they will give me 23 dollars for all of it!

it was an emerald gem ring in a 14k white gold setting, and one sliver necklace and one platinum necklace. WELL worth over 23 dollars. They probably thought i was *** enough (I am 20 years old) to go for it.

they discriminant against age and gender so the elderly and women and the young BEWARE!Ether way the were trying to rip me off! 3b4bbb4” – anonymous from pissedconsumer.com

Overall I seem to have found just as many negative reviews as positive reviews for Maine Gold & Silver. Here are some of the overall scores I found:

3.1/5 – Google Reviews

4/5 – Superpages

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

Overall the negative reviews for this company are very troubling. That aside, you probably won’t be doing business with them if you don’t live in the South Portland ME area anyway. And if you do live there, I would suggest checking out other options first.

As far as IRA options and investment metals go, I can’t say I recommend this company mainly due to the above reasons.

The final Score for this Maine Gold & Silver review is:



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