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Liberty Metals Group

Many people have lost everything they have ever worked for by investing in risky financial assets instead of gold and other precious metals. When you could lose it all in today’s troubled economy one of the best ways to protect your savings is to invest in a secure gold IRA.

In this Liberty Metals Group review we will see what this company has to offer you in regards to your investment strategy.

Services and Products

Liberty Metals Group specializes in the sale of various precious metals. Their selection is decent and they sell gold, sliver, platinum, and palladium, giving them an edge over brokers that sell only gold and sliver.

Further more they have their buy and sell prices listed with each item which is very convenient. The down side is that items are not marked as IRA eligible/approved which can be troublesome if you’re not familiar with such things.

As far as IRA services go, Liberty Metals Group has a program that is known as the “Closed IRA Loop.” Long story short they refer you to an IRA custodian: either New Direction IRA or Goldstar Trust Company. It is unfortunate that those are the only two options offered to be honest. As for storage facilities you get to choose between IDS Delawere or IDS Canada.

In the end it is nice that they help refer you to actual gold IRA custodians but their selection is very limited meaning you’re probably going to be out of luck if you want to go with another custodian.

Customer Feedback

In this section of our Liberty Metals Group review we’ll take a look at some customer feedback to see how this company does business.

This customer had issues with their customer service.

“Don’t buy from these people. They cash the check and then don’t answer emails. One order is 9 days late and the other 5 days no response having emailed 7 people there. Why have items on the site if you don’t have them? Also wasn’t able to transfer them money. B of A said they had a transfer hold on them? Told them about it, seems they couldn’t care less. Had to wait weeks for check to clear. I had much better luck with Provident Metals and Golden Eagle Coins. Soon I will contact the BBB and then I am sure I will hear from them! Welcome to the age of social media Liberty.” – John Keane from Google Reviews

On the other hand, this person had a positive experience with the company:

“I decided to make a purchase of Silver and checked online prices and found Liberty was not only the least expensive but they were right down the road from me so I could pick the coins up in person.  I placed the order, grabbed some cash, and stopped leaving after about five minutes with my coins exactly as I expected.  I can appreciate how easy they make the buying process and their pricing was great in comparison to others I have purchased from.” – Jeremy L. from Yelp.com

This short review makes a complaint about the management:

“Attitude issues from the management are a real deterrent. I wont be doing business with them again.” – Forrest B. from Yelp.com

Overall feedback for Liberty Metals Group seem to be rather mixed which has lead to some mediocre scores:

4.2/5 – Google Reviews

3.5/5 – Yelp (Scottsdale AZ)

3.5/5 – Yelp (Del Mar CA)


Final Verdict

In the end Liberty Metals Group seems to be fairly average for a precious metals broker. The mixed feed back is of some concern so that could be an issue in some cases.

As far as IRA services and investment opportunities, I really dislike how Liberty Metals Group shoehorns you into working with one of two custodians instead of letting you use one of your choosing.

The final verdict for this Liberty Metals Group review is:



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