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Liberty Coin Service

Is economic collapse just around the corner? If it is, are you prepared for it? The fact of the matter is that investing in a gold IRA is one of the safest and smartest ways to protect your savings from our troubled economy.

In this Liberty Coin Service review we will take a look at this company and see if they should play a part in your investment strategy so that you can protect your savings from today’s treacherous economy.

Services and Products

Liberty Coin Service is as its name states, a coin service. In other words they buy and sell coins. Apparently they have an “Extensive in-stock inventory of rare coins, paper money, gold, silver, platinum and palladium.” What this exactly entails is unknown as their website offers VERY little information.

Apparently Liberty Coin Service only does business from their store in Lansing Michigan. If you don’t live in the area, you’re probably out of luck.

An interesting thing of note is the fact that Liberty Coin Service buys quite a few items. In addition to the standard gold, silver and other precious metals, they buy antique toys, sports cards, military collectables, and historical documents. This could be interesting if you have these items and want to make some money off of them.

It should also be mentioned that they do have a news letter archive on their website as well dating all the way back to 2000. If you don’t live in the Lansing Michigan area this is probably the only value you’ll be able to get out of them.

Customer Feedback

Let’s take a moment in this Liberty Coin Service review and see what everyone is saying about this company.

This customer was pleased with their service but also notes that he thinks they are the only coin dealer in town:

“I have heard of lack of customer service, but I have been buying coins from them for bullion purposes and they have been very forthcoming to accomidate me. I do much of my initiating over the phone and they have set up a process for me to make purchases and pick up the items. Their hours are tough for me as I work nights and they open their doors at 10:00 am weekdays. When I calll they often get me to a buyer within minutes and they can give me a quote soon after. We quickly make arrangements and when I visit the office they are very professional about concluding our business. For coins I think they are about the only game in town also.” – Frankjr1 from Yellow Pages

This customer also had a positive experience but had some issues with the location:

“First: Liberty Coin is moving locations soon. They will be in the actual Frandor Shopping Center instead of the Bank of America that sits at the mouth of the shopping center.

Second: INTERESTING PLACE. I have never visited a coin/bullion store before, and was not quite expecting the experience that I had. In their current location, they are in the deep, dark basement of the Bank of America building where there is very little room to move around and even fewer cases of coins. HOWEVER, the staff that I worked with were amazing. Being new to buying silver bullion, they worked patiently with me to identify what I was looking for. From what I saw, they have a decent selection of old American silver, they buy/sell gold and sliver, and they are willing to help search for specific coins.” – Matt C. from Yelp.com

This woman was also impressed with their customer service:

“What I liked most about Liberty Coin was the honest, professional, and energetic service. I thought it was cool that the book they use to estimate value isn’t kept away but used in front of you, on the counter, so you have the confidence of not being swindled or misquoted.” – Erica D. from Yelp.com

Overall scores for Liberty Coin Service seem to be pretty positive but there wasn’t a lot of feedback though:

4/5 – Yelp (from 2 reviews)

4/5 – Yellow Pages ( from 3 reviews)

Final Verdict

I’m going to get straight to the point here: if you don’t live in Lansing Michigan or the surrounding area, there isn’t much Liberty Coin Service has to offer outside of their newsletter archives on their website.

As for the company it is impressive that they buy and sell odd collectables such as sports cards, military items, and even dinosaur fossils as someone mentioned BUT their lack of focus on investment metals makes them a poor choice for IRA purposes.

That brings me to the final score for this Liberty Coin Service review:

1/10 – for IRA services (they get one point for their newsletter archives)

7/10 – as a coin/collectable dealer


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