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JM Bullion Review

Are your family, your financial security, and your retirement savings being threatened by today’s uncertain economic climate? This is a question many people have asked and in order to play it safe they have invested in a gold IRA, the most secure retirement plan during a chaotic economy.

But which gold IRA is best for you?

In this JM Bullion review we’ll take a look and see what this company is all about and if they’re right for you.

Services and Products

Like many precious metals companies JM Bullion sells its share of silver, gold, and platinum bullion.

Unlike most companies they also sell copper, an interesting option for precious metals investors.

Their copper products consist of items such as the American Bison coin, the Bald Eagle coin, and the Alamo coin.

Speaking of which, JM Bullion has a wide selection of products including coins, bars, and even a 2.0 oz NTR silver bullet. They’ve clearly done a good job of differentiating themselves from their competition when it comes to product selection.

Other notable features JM Bullion offers include:

  • Free shipping
  • An investing guide
  • Market updates
  • IRA account creation assistance

Consumer Feedback

Now it’s time for the part of this JM Bullion review you’ve been waiting for: what other customers are saying about the company.

One individual reports having a very positive experience with the company:

“When I had a question on the tracking number and shipping status, their customer service was very professional. Packaging was secure and professional; would gladly order from them again!” – Dale Klan from Gold Dealer Reviews

However, another customer seemed to have issues with JM Bullion’s shipping:

“I have ordered several times recently even with the problems they have been having I never had a problem waiting 3 to 4 weeks for the the shipment because of the price however this time I noticed that on there website it says the shipment will ship in 3 to 5 days after payment is received this is just a flat lie I’ve never seen them ship that quick” – John from Gold Dealer Reviews

In fact, it seems that shipping issues are something that multiple customers have had issues with:

“Since I posted my prior review JM Bullion is getting back on track. The problem with non-shipment was due to a move and new system going SNAFU. Order is now on the way to me and customer support at JM reached out to me by phone and email to address the issue.” – Robert Hooper from Gold Dealer Reviews

Overall reviews for JM Bullion seems to be either very good, or very poor, with most of the poor reviews citing shipping problems. That being said, the review scores tend to reflect this discrepancy.

It should also be mentioned that outside of Gold Bullion Reviews and the BBB there was a distinct lack of feedback on the company which seemed odd.

3/5 Gold Dealer Reviews


Final Verdict

Overall JM Bullion seems to really shine when it comes to the types of products they offer and have also been praised for their prices.

However, the numerous reports of shipping issues may be a turn off for some.

This brings us to the final verdict for this JM Bullion review:


JM Bullion has a lot going for it but it can’t be denied that there are some issues they need to address before they can truly be considered a top tier gold IRA company like Regal Assets.

Speaking of which


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