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JJ Teaparty Review

In this climate of economic uncertainty it is nearly a given that you will lose money if you invest in risky financial assets like stocks or currency. On the other hand, investing in precious metals such as gold can not only protect your savings, it can also turn a profit in many cases. This makes starting a gold IRA one of the smartest choices for anyone serious about protecting everything they’ve worked for.

In This JJ Teaparty review we will see what this company has to offer and whether or not you should consider them an investment option.

Services and Products

As a company the JJ Teaparty seems to focus solely on one thing: coin collecting. Their website is somewhat jumbled and the tiny serif font will no doubt cause massive eye strain. But if you can get past that you will see that they do have quite a large selection of coins available.

However, even their product pages are poorly designed and you don’t get to actually see the coin, you just get some text that describes it. This can be disappointing because when it comes to coin collecting it is always nice to see the product you are purchasing.

Website issues aside it seems that JJ Teaparty places very little focus on investing in precious metals and there is no mention of anything such as IRS approved metals or gold IRAs. They do however offer appraisal services for both paper money and gold/silver bullion.

It should also be noted that you can sell to JJ Teaparty, making them an option if you have some coins you’d like to sell. Whether they buy investment grade metals is unknown.

Customer Feedback

In this section of our JJ Teaparty review we will go over what other people are saying about this company and how it affects you.

This customer had a good experience selling gold to them:

“I traded in some gold for cash last month.  I came here on the recommendation from a friend in the jewelry business.  She told me I would get the best deal here over anywhere else.  I found the man I dealt with very knowledgeable and helpful.  He gave me 98% of the value.  I will be back soon with more gold to trade.” – Elizabeth S. – from Yelp.com

This individual also likes the company despite a few minor issues:

“JJ Tea Party is awesome!

Their prices on precious metals are very good; they only have a small mark-up (2% or 3%, I believe?) over the spot price.

Every time I have been there, there has been only one person working behind the counter. But despite this I’ve never had to wait long for them to get  to me.

It doesn’t look like the fanciest of shops (old, dull wall-to-wall carpeting, weird lighting, not nicely decorated like other shops in the area.) But who the hell cares? You go to shops like this for their selection and wonderful prices, not because they’re the most attractive shop on the block.” – Kathleen R. from Yelp.com

There weren’t many scores or reviews for this company but here is what I could find:

5/5 – Yelp (based off of 4 reviews for their Boston MA location which is listed as closed by Yelp)

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

JJ Teaparty seems to be a fairly reputable company but there are a few things that bug me about them:

  • They focus only on coin collecting and not investment metals
  • The lack of feedback about the company

Due to these factors I’ve carefully considered what the final score for this company should be and have come to this conclusion:

0/10 – for IRA services

4/10 – as a coin dealer

Overall JJ Teaparty really just feels slightly below average as a coin dealer. From their poorly designed website to their narrow focus on coins this company doesn’t seem to have much to offer if you aren’t a coin collector.


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