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Jared Gold Review

It can be easy to lose hope in today’s troubled economy. With hyperinflation, the devaluation of the US dollar, and our incompetent government it seems like it is only a matter of time before hardworking Americans like you lose everything.

Fortunately there is a way to protect everything you’ve worked for in life. By investing in a gold IRA you can not only keep your assets safe, but watch your net worth grow in many cases.

In this Jared Gold review we’ll see if this particular company can be of use to you when planning out your strategy for keeping your retirement savings safe and secure.

Services and Products

Jared Gold, or the Jared Gold Exchange as they are commonly know as, is a company that buys gold and jewelry from you. If you are investing in gold and other precious metals to protect your savings there will likely come a time when you need to liquidate some of your assets, making a company like this rather handy.

I’m sure you’ve seen many companies like this in recent years so let’s see what makes Jared Gold different by first going over what they buy and don’t buy.

What They Buy:

  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Medical Jewelry
  • Men’s Formal Jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Personal Accessories
  • Pins
  • Rings
  • Damaged and Broken Jewelry
  • Scrap Gold, Gold Flakes, Gold Nuggets and Dental Gold

What They Don’t Buy:

  • Gemstones
  • Investment Metals

  • Items that are new or appear to be new
  • Timepieces

When selling to the Jared Gold Exchange you go through a simple three step process. Basically you just register and get your packet, collect and ship your jewelry, then receive your payment.

As far as what they pay you, they have a price chart on their website that is updated daily to keep up with the fluctuating prices. They claim to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry but unless you are familiar with the market values of what you’re selling you probably won’t know whether you are or not.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our Jared Gold review we’ll go over what people are saying about this company. In this case the only feedback I could find comes from RipoffReport.com so as you can imagine it will be negative.

“ I recently sent in a handful of gold jewelry to Jared’s Gold Exchange Program. Prior to mailing the items, I visited another jewelry store for them to evaluate my things and I was told $2000. Thinking I would get 10% more by taking the gift card option with Jared’s, I logged in and printed my mailing label. When I tried to log in again, I couldn’t. The message was “Improper email format.”  No one at customer service could tell me why. The lady said the value was $1200. so I told her to send them back to me.  When I opened the package, one of my heavy gold necklaces was badly damaged with a corrosive greenish crust. The notation said that the necklace was gold over sterling. They had obviously used an acid solution to etch off the gold so they could test underneath.  Why did they have to test right smack at the front?  Why did they feel they could RUIN the necklace?  WHY?  Because they can!

I called customer service who outright denied that they did the damage by saying that they test using a scraping stone not chemicals.  (Not true) Then she referred me to the fine print at the back of their info sheet.  They are completely free of responsibility for any damage. They have the right, according to them, to destroy (or even “misplace”) your items and you have NOTHING to say.  Even if you video taped yourself inventorying the items you were sending – it would not matter.  They assume NO responsibility.

Don’t be fooled by their assurance that you will see a video tape of them opening your package and handling your items.. I’m still waiting for that!  If you can’t log in – you can’t see it. It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway.

Your best bet is to go to several local jewelry stores who are offering to buy gold. Sit with the representative while he tests everything.  Take their best offer and skip the “Completely Safe” Gold Exchange from Jared’s. It’s far from safe!!” – shopsmart from RipoffReport.com

I would normally list various review scores that the company has received here but I couldn’t find any for the Jared Gold Exchange unfortunately.

Final Verdict

Let’s end this Jared Gold Review by giving them a final score. This score will be reflective of their services as well as the feedback on them that I found.

0/10 – as an IRA option

1/10 – as a place to sell your gold

The reason I’m giving them such a low score isn’t necessarily because of that negative feedback from RipoffReport.com, but rather because they don’t buy investment grade gold. Since this website is dedicated to helping you protect your savings I have to give them a low score because they don’t really help you do that not even by offering you an option to liquidate your assets when you need to.


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