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Gordon’s Jewelers Review

There are many benefits in starting a gold IRA. Not only are you able to keep your savings safe from economic issues such as hyperinflation, you’re also able to watch the value of your assets grow in many cases as well.

In this Gordon’s Jewelers review we’re going to take a look and see if this company has what it takes to be a part of your investment plant for the future.

Services and Products

You’re probably thinking: what does a jewelry store have to do with investing to keep my savings safe? The thing is while Gordon’s Jewelers may seem like an ordinary jewelry store they also have a gold exchange program. This can come in handy if you ever need to liquidate some of your assets.

This is how they say it works on their website:

  • Register to create an account online and request your Gordon’s Gold Exchange Packet.
  • Gather the gold and platinum items you are exchanging.
  • Ship your items to us via FedEx FREE! Insured up to $500!
  • Watch as your items are unpacked, weighed and assessed.
  • Receive your check!

They also do a few other things you might appreciate such as videoing your package being unpacked and processed and post the video for you to view in your online account for extra peace of mind.

One thing that should be mentioned is that they only pay for gold and platinum. If you have jewelry with gemstones in them they should be removed before sending them off.

NOTE: Gordon’s Jewelers do NOT buy investment metals.

Customer Feedback

In this part of our Gordon’s Jewelers review we’ll be going over some customer feed back so you can get a feel for this company. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any reviews pertaining to their gold exchange, only their jewelry services.

This guy seemed relatively satisfied with their service:

“I am giving this location four stars for the staff. They have some really nice pieces that are priced on par with the other jewelers in the Mall.” – Greg F. from Yelp.com

This customer was impressed by how fast they handled repair work:

“I had to make a jewelry pitstop and was very impressed by the service I received today at Gordon’s.  A competing Jewelry store could not do the repair I wanted in less than six weeks and these guys were helpful and could get it done in 3 days.” – Tracie P. from Yelp.com

Here are some overall scores for Gordon’s Jewelers:

9.5/10 – Bing Reviews

3.6/5 – GlassDoor (reviews by employees)

4/5 – Yelp

3.4/5 – Indeed (reviews by employees)


Final Verdict

Overall Gordon’s Jewelers seems like a very reputable company. However, this Gordon’s Jewelers review is geared towards determining just how helpful they are to you in regards to precious metals investment and starting an IRA. This brings us to our final score:

0/10 – for IRA services

1/10 – for gold exchange

While this score may seem unfairly low, remember that Gordon’s Jewelers do not buy investment metals. This makes them all but useless to you if your looking to get into gold/precious metals investing to protect your savings.


If you’re looking for a gold investment/IRA company that has an exemplarily track record when it comes to customer service, my top pick is defiantly Regal Assets.

Regal Assets has earned perfect scores with the BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and many others over its 50 years of business. In addition to that, it has only had 1 complaint in the past 3 years, something practically unheard of in the gold investment industry.

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