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GoldSilver.com Review

Are your retirement savings safe or could you lose it all in the blink of an eye due to economic factors beyond your control? If you haven’t considered protecting your assets in a gold IRA, now is the time.

Today we’ll be doing a GoldSilver.com review and see how they measure up when it comes to helping you protect your assets.

Services and Products

GoldSilver.com is a place where you can buy gold and silver coins/bullion, no surprises there. They have a wide variety of products including:

  • Silver Britannia Coins
  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • Sunshine Mint Gold Bars
  • And more

Unfortunately if you are looking for metals such as copper, platinum or palladium you won’t find any here.

Likewise you’ll also have to look elsewhere if you’re considering starting a gold IRA as they don’t provide custodian services, instead referring you to other companies.

In addition to buying gold and silver you can also join their “Insider” club. However at a $1,291.36 price tag it may be too expensive for some.

It should also be mentioned that you can sell gold and silver on their website as well.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our GoldSilver.com review, we’ll go over what actual customers are saying about the company.

This customer had a positive experience with GoldSilver.com:

“Goldsilver under-promises and over delivers in all aspects of the company.
Shipments arrive before the ETA dates. Questions are answered very timely.” – Jackie Anderson from Gold Dealer Reviews

However, this customer felt that they were overpriced:

“These guys are so expensive. Tried them out to see if they really were that great, but nothing too special here. Shipping times were okay, service was good, but the high prices are not worth it.” – Sammy from Gold Dealer Reviews

This isn’t an isolated incident as many customers have reported high fees on both shipping and storage:

“They play alot of games with fees. The shipping is ridiculously expensive, but if you know what to say, you can get a ‘coupon’ to reduce the shipping cost….which is still too high even after the coupon.

Their storage fees are marked up from the original supplier, which for me was Brinks in Salt Lake City. I went directly to brinks and ended up saving 50% (at least) on my storage fees.” – Brock from Gold Dealer Reviews

Despite these complaints GoldSilver.com has very good scores overall.

5/5 – TrustLink (based off of 3 reviews)

4.5/5 Gold Dealer Reviews

Final Verdict

Now let’s wrap up this GoldSilver.com review with a final score that reflects everything we’ve gone over.

3/10 – as a gold IRA custodian

5/10 – as a precious metals broker

While GoldSilver.com doesn’t function as a gold IRA custodian, they do offer you several choices when referring you, which is better than many precious metals dealers.

However, as a precious metals broker they seem to be a one trick pony, offering only gold and silver. On top of that, complaints of high prices means that you should probably look elsewhere first.


Regal Assets is definitely my top pick if you’re looking for a reputable gold IRA custodian with a proven track record of excellence.

Regal Assets has earned perfect scores with trusted review organization such as the BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and many others.

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