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Gold and Silver Exchange Review

The economy just doesn’t seem to be getting any better does it? With our incompetent government causing the value of the dollar to fall day by day it only makes sense to turn to the security of a gold IRA to protect your hard earned savings.

In This Gold and Silver Exchange review we’ll go over this company and determine whether or not you should consider it as an option when it comes to your investment strategy.

Services and Products

Gold and Silver Exchange is a company that buys gold, silver, and other forms of jewelry. Nothing really surprising here, let’s take a look at what they buy specifically as listed on their website:

  • Tangled Gold Chains
  •  Gold Bracelets & Necklaces
  • Class Rings
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Bent and/or Broken Jewelry
  • Cluster Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Diamond Pendants
  • Items with Removed Stones
  • Gold Watches
  • Diamond Rings
  • Precious Gems
  • 10k to 24k Gold
  • Unmatched Gold Earrings
  • Pearl Necklaces
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Pins/Brooches
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Gorham
  • International
  • Kirk-Stieff
  • Lunt
  • Tiffany
  • Tuttle
  • George Jensen
  • Reed and Barton
  • Towle
  • Wallace
  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Clad Silver
  • Paper Money
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Indian Jewelry
  • Pearls
  • Colored Stones
  • Pocket Watches

As you can tell, they buy quite a wide variety of things. This could make them an interesting option if you have some unwanted items to get rid of.

Also the fact that they buy gold and sliver bullion could make them useful if you ever need to liquidate some of your assets.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a mail-in process so if you want to do business with them you’re going to have to visit one of their locations in Georgia. If you don’t live in Georgia, you may be out of luck with the Gold and Silver Exchange.

Customer Feedback

In this section of our Gold and Sliver Exchange review I would normally post reviews and feedback from online about the company. In this case all I could find were the testimonials listed on their own website. As you can imagine they were all positive. Here are a few:

“I’m happy with what I got!” – Tanya – Hartwell, GA Gold and Silver Exchange Customer

“I wanted to thank you for service, convenience, and friendly assistance without being taken advantage of, like most gold buyers I ran into. Highly recommended!” – K.M.B. – Gold and Silver Exchange Customer

“I LOVE the Gold & Silver Exchange! I ALWAYS come back. Lance is GREAT…greets me by first name and is very kind. You all have the best prices in town!” – Ryan N. – Gold Seller at our Winder, GA location

Final Verdict

The Gold and Sliver Exchange seems to be another middle of the road gold buying company with nothing particularly good or bad to mention. The lack of reviews was probably to be expected for a small time operation such as this as well.

The only thing worth mentioning here is that they do buy gold and silver bullion which could make them a decent option if you need to get rid of some of your assets for cash in a hurry and if you live in Georgia.

The overall score for this Gold and Silver Exchange review is:

0/10 – as an IRA service

5/10 – gold buyer


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