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Global Asset Management Review

In times of great economic uncertainty there are ways to protect your savings while others are losing theirs day after day. One of those ways is to invest in a gold IRA. Not only does a gold IRA protect your savings from the devaluing of the US dollar and hyperinflation, it also help you to make a profit as the value of gold and other precious metals tends to go up during times of economic hardship.

In this Global Asset Management review we will see what this company is all about and if it can help you with your investment strategy in today’s treacherous economy.

Services and Products

So what is Global Asset Management and what do they do? Here is what it says on their website:

Global is an independently owned firm-founded in 1996, created to facilitate secure purchases in Fancy Colored Diamonds as well as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Global deals exclusively with authorized Independent Diamond and Precious Metal Dealers and not with the general public. ”

So apparently they help independent dealers buy precious metals and diamonds. If you’re not an independent dealer, well apparently you are out of luck.

What about IRA services? Can they help with that?

Not exactly. On their website they have information regarding IRAs but it seems more like a way to direct you to Sterling Trust, an official IRA custodian. If you’ve read my Sterling Trust review you’ll know that I do not recommend that company because they have extremely low customer scores and are surrounded by accusations of scams, fraud, and other serious controversies.

Customer Feedback

Normally I’d post customer feedback here for this Global Asset Management review but I couldn’t find much of anything. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that they are exclusively a B2B kind of company.

On their website it does say that they are accredited by the BBB and their score is an A+.

Aside from that I did manage to find one report on Global Asset Management but it’s from ripoffreport.com and it isn’t pretty:

“Global Asset Management has been under investigation since 1999 when the CFTC first tried to shut them down – see below CFTC report. When I talked with Ms. Rosemary Hollinger from the CFTC and she thought Global Asset Management was shut down already. They are still in business with an A +rating from the BBB. This is the clearing house that is listed as fraudulent in the FTC report along with American Precious Metals. Mark Modist used to be listed as the president and now it is Gary Marshall (but Mark Modist is still part of the company.) Gary Marshall goes on Fox News and wrote a book about investing in precious metals – but the FTC in their most recent convicition of American Precious Metals states that Global Asset Management never actual managed gold for inverters.

Please send this information out. Contact Senator Nelson, Senator Collins and Senator McCaskill so they can push the CFTC and FTC to go after them.” – Nancy from Ripoff Report

Here is some more info on the situation from Ripoff Report

For Release: November 3, 1999


Federal District Court Rules that CFTC Has Jurisdiction Over Defendants’ Sale of Highly-Leveraged Precious Metal Contracts; Orders Florida Defendants to Pay Restitution Totaling Over $12.4 Million to Defrauded Investors Nationwide

CFTC has Continuing Litigation against Two of the Defendants

The CFTC’s litigation continues as to defendant Global Asset Management, Inc. and its principal, Mark Modist. The CFTC is seeking permanent civil injunctive and other remedial relief as to both. The CFTC’s complaint alleges that Global and Modist aided and abetted Midland ‘s illegal sale of futures contracts. It also charges that Modist issued reports to customers that charged “storage fees” when Modist did not, in fact, purchase and store commodities on behalf of Midland customers and charged “credit fees” when Modist did not lend Midland customers any funds for the purchase of commodities.” – from Ripoff Report

Final Verdict

As you can see Global Asset Management has some very troubling issues including problems with the CFTC and the fact that they promote Sterling Trust as a gold IRA custodian.

Aside from all that shady business though, Global Asset Management doesn’t work with the general public and only serves as a B2B precious metals/diamond broker so you likely won’t have any use for them anyway.

My final score for Global Asset Management is:

2/10 – if you’re an independent diamond or precious metals dealer

0/10 – for all other purposes


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