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Gainesville Coins Review

If you’re considering starting a gold IRA to protect your hard earned assets from the ravages of our faltering economy you’re making the right choice. Many people have lost everything they’ve ever worked for because they failed to protect their assets.

In this Gainesville Coins review we’ll take a look at this company and see if they have what it takes to help you protect your assets and ensure you’re protected from volatile economic factors.

Services and Products

When it comes to coin and bullion variety Gainesville Coins may just have the most interesting selection of products I’ve seen yet. Some of the coins they have to offer include:

  • Pamp Suisse Gloria Nativity coin set – coins featuring nativity scenes
  • Don’t Mess With Me – copper coins with an alligator on them
  • Peregrine Falcon Birds of Prey series – a coin featuring the famous peregrine falcon and queen Elizabeth II
  • Atlantis Mint – silver bars featuring skulls and crossbones as well as zodiac signs.

So Gainesville Coins has some interesting products, but do they offer IRA services? Not exactly.

While the company will help you purchase precious metals for an IRA account and does offer some information about setting up an IRA they are not a true IRA custodian. Instead they will refer you to one of several IRA custodians.

Customer Reviews

We’re now at the point in this Gainesville Coins review where I show you some actual customer reviews so you can get a feel for the company and how they operate.

This individual had a positive experience with the company:

“altogether, it was a great buying experience, i am very satisfied with my purchase, and will definitely be buying from them again.” – Michael B. from Yelp.com

However this person reports having a bad customer service experience:

“So I called and tried to cancel the order. Spoke with someone and they said they couldn’t since the order would have already been processed and product readying for packaging. I sent an email after that and only received NASTY, THREATENING emails, telling me how much they could sue in court if I didn’t sent the money order by a certain date. It only got more NASTY over the next couple of days.” – Paul B. from Gold Dealer Reviews

On the other hand, this customer was impressed with their shipping:

“I placed two identical silver orders; one with Gainsville Coins and the other with a Pennsylvania company. I received my Gainsville Coin order and placed another order with them two days later. I received both my Gainsville Coins orders before receiving my first order with the other company.” – Chris from Gold Dealer Reviews

A pattern I’ve noticed is that reviews tend to be very positive, or very negative. This has lead to overall mediocre scores:

3.1/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

2.5/5 – http://www.yelp.com/biz/gainesville-coins-lutz-3Yelp

In most cases the negative reviews seemed to have to do with customer service issues.

Final Verdict

Let’s end this Gainesville Coins review with a final score for the company based on the information we’ve learned:

4/10 – as an IRA option

6/10 – as a precious metals dealer

Despite the fact that Gainesville Coins isn’t a true IRA custodian the fact that they give you several choices of IRA custodians that you can work with when doing business with them is better than most companies that force you to use a specific custodian.

As far as their services as a precious metals dealer, Gainesville Coins has a lot of interesting products to offer.

However, the amount of customer service complains is concerning so your experience may be hit or miss.

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