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DBS Coins Review

Are you thinking of investing in a gold IRA to protect your retirement savings from today’s treacherous economy? If so, you’re making a smart decision.

By finding the right gold IRA custodian you can ensure that not only are your assets protected but that you also make a profit in the process.

In this DBS Coins review we’ll find out of this company is the one you’re looking for when it comes to keeping your retirement savings safe and secure.

Services and Products

Let me start by saying that DBS Coins is NOT an official IRA custodian.

They function more as a precious metals broker instead. However, if you are interested in starting an IRA DBS Coins will refer you to either Gold Star Trust or New Direction IRA. Unfortunately those are the only two choices you get.

As far as products go, DBS Coins offers:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium (at the time of this writing there are no products in their Palladium section)

In addition to coins you can also buy gold and silver bullion as well if that’s your thing.

As far as prices go, they have a very wide range. There are items as cheap as $20 while there are others as expensive as $10k and more.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our DBS Coins review we’ll go over what customers have said about this company so you can get a better insight into how they do business.

This customer had plenty of good things to say about them:

“Great price (lowest markup I’ve found). Web site is very professional works great. Communication about order status is very prompt. Gold was packaged and shipped very professionally. Would definitely recommend and buy from again.” – AT from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer on the other hand had issues with shipping times and communication:

“Bought mint tubes. Took excessively long to clear the check and mail the items. Communication wasn’t the greatest. Finally delivered.” – Uncle Sammy from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer also had several issues, poor communication once again being one of them:

“Had a very nice telecon w/ David Smoler. He told me he had the product I wanted in hand. Turns out it shipped from MA not CA. He offered a miniscule discount which he added to the invoice rather than subtracting. I had to get him to correct that problem. He sent a conformation for my bank wire, saying that he would send a final invoice and tracking number when the shipment left his warehouse. He never did that until I called to ask what was going on after his 5 day max ship time expired. He said he would check with his IT Dept. to find out what fell thru the cracks. Never heard back.

Large markups, errors, poor communication, misrepresentations.

Never again.” – Charles Rapp from Gold Dealer Reviews

I couldn’t find too many scores for this company but what I did find seemed fairly decent:

3.6/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews



Final Verdict

Let’s finish up this DBS Coins review with a final score. Based on all the research I’ve done and what others are saying about the company I have to give them a:

3/10 – as an IRA option

7/10 – as a precious metals broker

For the most part I couldn’t find a lot of negative stuff about this company, which is rare considering most precious metals brokers and IRA custodians I review tend to have a lot of complaints and negative reviews.

However, DBS Coins also does very little to distinguish themselves from their competition. They offer two IRA custodian options but that still seems extremely limiting to be honest.


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