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Bullion Direct Review

The dying US dollar has many people concerned and rightfully so. With financial assets being among the most risky these days, many people are turning to the security of gold IRAs to protect their life’s savings.

However, there is much more to investing in gold and precious metals than just buying some bars and storing them in your personal safe or buying them in your backyard. You need a true gold custodian to manage your investment and keep it safe.

In this Bullion Direct review we’ll go over what this company has to offer and if they are right for you when it comes to making a wise decision concerning your financial future.

Services and Products

Is Bullion Direct a gold IRA company? Apparently they were at one time but aren’t any more.

Here is an excerpt from their website that explains it:

Bullion Direct will no longer accept new IRA Enabled trading accounts. We will continue to maintain and support existing accounts.

Bullion Direct’s continued vision for the IRA Program is for an efficient, self-directed, and completely integrated solution to make the opening and management of an IRA Enabled trading account a seamless and hassle free experience.

We will continue to work on a solution that fits our self-directed model and provides the experience that our Standard account holders enjoy. We hope to re-instate the IRA Program when this is accomplished.

While they apparently don’t offer IRA services anymore, they do still sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. However their website’s design isn’t the best and it can be confusing to navigate and find just what you’re looking for.

The most interesting thing that Bullion Direct offers is its Nucleo Exchange program. This is basically a program where people can buy, sell, and trade precious metals in real time while remaining anonymous to one another (not to Bullion Direct). This could be useful to you if you enjoy this style of trading.

Customer Reviews

In this portion of our Bullion Direct review we’ll be going over several customer reviews of the company so you can see what people are actually saying about it.

One of the main complaints about the company is the fact that they have no phone line, and communication is done via email only:

“It was extremely frustrating having to wail for an e-mail communication and at times I had to write several e-mails to get a response.

They need to provide a phone number for customers. They hold large sums of our money and need to improve customer /seller communication. I would not deal again with a company where I didn’t have a live person to speak to.” – Susan Mahler from Gold Dealer Reviews

This individual also had a poor customer service experience involving the Nucleo Exchange:

“I bought some silver rounds from the Nucleo Exchange, then sent in a Money Order. Waited for the Money Order to clear, then paid the balance. I then requested a Product Draw, and waited for the required clearance period.

The Produt Draw cleared, and now sits as “Pending Shipment” yet they have never shipped the silver rounds. I have e-mailed several times with ZERO e-mail returns or an answer to any of those e-mails. I asked that they cancel the Product Draw, yet they do not respond at all. Nothing!” – George from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer however, states that you can more easily communicate with Bullion Direct via chat:

“For those who think customer service is absent because they have no phone numer and only e-mail, you have to try their chat. Their chat is the onyl way you can talk to a human being and they are usually responsive.” – Goldbug from Gold Dealer Reviews

It must be noted that I could not find a chat option on their website but they do have a members forum.

Despite being in business since 1999 there isn’t a lot of data on Bullion Direct outside of Gold Dealer Reviews. Here are the scores I could find:

2.7/5 Gold Dealer Reviews

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

The final score for this Bullion Direct review is:


Aside from the rampant complaints of poor customer service and accusations of fraud, what I’m really struck by is how amateurish the company seems to be. Having no phone service and a poorly designed website doesn’t speak well for the company at all.

If you’re looking for a gold IRA custodian or precious metals dealer, look elsewhere.


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