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Blanchard Review

Do things like hyperinflation, the dying US dollar, and the increasing incompetence of the government have you worried for your retirement savings?

While many people have lost everything they have ever owned due to these treacherous economic factors those who have invested in gold IRAs have seen their wealth grow.

This Blanchard review will take an in-depth look at this company and see if it is the one you should turn to in order to protect your retirement savings from the perils of a chaotic and unpredictable economy that could take everything from you in the blink of an eye.

Services and Products

Blanchard sells a variety of gold and silver products though the setup of their website can make finding them a bit of a chore. Their products come in both bullion and coin form, including investment grade coins.

In addition to this their website is filled with a lot of information on precious metal investment, market conditions, and more but it feels very poorly organized. The popup window navigation is also very odd and doesn’t make getting around their site any easier.

While Blanchard themselves are not an IRA custodian they can help you deposit precious metals into an IRA but only with the Goldstar Trust Company as that is the only option they offer. This can be an issue if you want to do business with another custodian.

Customer Reviews

In this section of our Blanchard review we’ll take a close look at what customers are saying about the company.

This customer claims that Blanchard is charging storage fees when they don’t store anything:

“I ended up paying over 400.00 more for Gold American Eagle through the accumilation program. They charge shorage fees when they are not storing anything. Big big rip-off” – Jim from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer had an issue with Blanchard’s insistence that he use the Goldstar Trust Copmany as his custodian:

“After dealing with Blanchard for a couple of Gold/Silver purchases, I have hit a stumbling block.

My wife did not previously have a self-directed IRA so we used the trustee that Blanchard ‘likes to do business with.’

Now that I have some money to invest in Gold/Silver, I wish to use the trustee who has my existing self-directed IRA, whom I have been with for several years and who supervise a non-traditional IRA investment of mine that is worth several times what I am trying to invest in Gold.

Blanchard however, is balking at allowing me to use them as my trustee.” – C Shaffer from Gold Dealer Reviews

This customer claims that Blanchard ripped him off by sending him a box with no coin in it:

“I ordered a 20 franc gold Rooster from Blanchard Online. The box arrived, but there was no coin in it. The box was very well sealed, so it was not tampered with by postal employees. Definitely was not.

I called Blanchard, and was told someone would call me back. They did not. I had to hunt them down and repeatedly recontact them. They suggested that the coin could have been stolen by someone at the post office. I informed them that I felt this was a quite dubious accusation. Their advice? Look in the box again. And that’s all I got out of them.

I never did get my coin. Blanchard Gold Online is a RIP OFF. SCAM. FRAUD.” – Leopold31 from PissedConsumer.com

Overall scores for Blanchard seem to be a mixed bag:

1.2/5 – Gold Dealer Reviews

3/5 – Personal Income

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

We’ll conclude our Blanchard review with a final rating for this company and the services/products that they offer:

1/10 – for IRA services

4/10 – as a precious metals dealer

At first Blanchard seemed pretty much average in all regards, their muddled website notwithstanding. However as I began to read some of the reviews I really got a bad feeling about this company.

While there weren’t many reviews total, the negative ones made some pretty serious accusations. It just seems risky to me.

As for IRA services; Blanchard is willing to help somewhat as long as you store your metals with the Goldstar Trust Company. Apparently if you want to use another custodian you’re out of luck though.


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