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Austin Rare Coins Review

Are you worried about losing your retirement savings in today’s treacherous economic climate like so many others have? As the US dollar continues its decline people are turning to the safety of gold IRAs to protect everything they’ve worked hard for.

In this Austin Rare Coins reviews we are going to see what this company is all about and if they are right for you when it comes to making a wise investment in today’s troubled economy.

Services and Products

Austin Rare Coins (also known as Austin Rare Coins and Bullion) are what their name implies: a precious metals dealer. They have a decent selection of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products to choose from in both coin and bullion forum.

The most interesting thing that Austin Rare Coins has to offer is their selection of “ancient coins.”

Some of these coins are literally thousands of years old. However because of their rarity these coins are also very expensive. One coin, issued during the rein of Alexander the Great, costs a massive $12,381.06.

The problem with rare coins like this as an investment is that even if they increase in value it could be very difficult to find a buyer if you ever want to liquidate them.

This makes coins of this nature more of a collector thing than a wise investment.

It should also be mentioned that Austin Rare Coins is NOT an IRA custodian. Instead they will refer you to Goldstar Trust Company. Want to use another custodian? Apparently that isn’t an option.

Customer Reviews

In this portion of our Austin Rare Coins review we’ll go over what actual customers are saying about the company so you can see what others are saying.

This customer had only positive things to say about them:

“They really know their stuff. They provided great customer service. So far I have bought Gold, Sliver, and Rare Coins from them. All of the transactions I have felt extremely satisfied and will continue to buy from them.” – Matt Malone from Google reviews

Here is an excerpt from a review in which an individual called the company and set up an arrangement to drive to Austin Rare Coins and buy some bullion in person:

“The following morning I withdrew the amount of cash I would need to make the purchase and showed up for my appointment where I was told that they sold the bullion yesterday. I was fairly irritated that I had come all the way out to discover this when he could have called and told me this. I told him on the phone that I had wanted to buy bullion immediately, not order it. He did not apologize or act as if he had put me out in any way.” – Halstead F. from Yelp.com

This individual decided not to do business with Austin Rare Coins because he found their way of doing things to be a hassle:

“They are nice on the phone but want to do everything by appointment. I don’t really care for that. They may have good prices or maybe not but I’ll never know because I don’t want to jump through all of those hoops to get to them. If I wanted an investment broker I’d hire one. I just want to buy gold and silver.” – A Google User from Google Reviews

Overall there isn’t much data on Austin Rare Coins as far as ratings go but here is what I could find:

3.6/5 – Google Reviews

3/5 – Yelp

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

To conclude this Austin Rare Coins review I’m going to give the company a final score based on the research I’ve done and what others have said about it. Austin Rare Coins gets a:

2/10 – as an IRA service

7/10 – as a precious metals broker

As far as precious metals go Austin Rare Coins has a pretty good selection.

What sets them apart are their rare and ancient coins but once again I should say that those probably aren’t the best investment choices. However if you’re a coin collector it may appeal to you.

As far as setting up an IRA to protect your retirement savings you could do much better. Austin Rare Coins does have a 5 step process for doing so but it seems the only custodian they will work with is Goldstar Trust Company. I could be wrong but that is the only option listed on their website.


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