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Amerivest Gold Corp Review

Gold is a big deal these days. With the value of the US dollar in sharp decline, it only makes sense to invest in something that will not only retain its value, but increase in value in the years to come.

In this Amerivest Gold Corp review we’ll see just how this company can play a role in your investment strategy when it comes to protecting your savings from these harsh economic times we live in.

Services and Products

Amerivest Gold Corp is a company that essentially buys gold and various other items such as diamonds and estate jewelry. Here is a list from their website on what they buy:

  • Bent/Broken Jewelry
  • Bracelets or chains that are  tangled
  • Broken and unwanted gold scrap
  • Casting gold and grain
  • Cluster Rings
  • Gold alloys
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold chains
  • Gold class rings
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold bars
  • Gold dental crowns and bridgework
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold findings
  • Gold flake
  • Gold ingots
  • Gold nuggets
  • Gold Pins and Brooches
  • Gold screens and mesh
  • Gold sheets
  • Gold wedding bands
  • Gold wire
  • Goldsmith’s bench filings and sweeps
  • Gold Items with missing stones
  • Karat gold jewelry
  • Melted gold
  • Old gold watches
  • Silver bullion
  • Silver Sterling
  • Sterling
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Silver bars

As for how you do business with them, it must be done in person. There is no mail-in program so if you don’t live in Florida you might be out of luck.

One interesting thing about Amerivest Gold Corp is that they claim to offer “Up to 50% More for Your Gold.”

It should be noted that Amerivest Gold Corp is not an official gold IRA custodian and don’t offer any sort of IRA assistance.

Aside from this there really isn’t much to say about Amerivest Gold Corp as they don’t do much to separate themselves from any other gold buying company. The fact that they buy gold bullion could make them a good option to liquidate your investment assets if you ever need to though.

Customer Feedback

Normally this would be the part of the Amerivest Gold Corp review where I’d list a few customer reviews on the company so you can get an idea of how they do business. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any feedback on Amerivest Gold Corp, they don’t even have a BBB score.

There are some testimonials on their website but there is sure to be some bias there as they aren’t going to post any negative reviews. Here are a few of their testimonials:

“After shopping the best deal for days a friend told me about Amerivest Gold. I came in and got the best offer. These guys are great!”
J. Slattery

“I ran into some trouble because of the current economic conditions and needed to sell my gold jewelry to someone with a real capacity to buy. Amerivest Gold Corp performed!” C. Hing

“I had a large pile of old jewelry from my old boyfriends and ex husbands and decided to cash it in. I left with a smile on my face.” Mona

Also this is the part where I would normally post some overall scores for the company but there are none that I could find, not even a BBB score as previously mentioned.

Final Verdict

Honestly Amerivest Gold Corp doesn’t really seem to be anything particularly special to me. I’ve reviewed tons of gold buying companies and the only thing that stands out about this one is that they buy gold bullion which means they might be a decent option if you need to liquidate any of your gold assets.

The final score for this Amerivest Gold Corp review is:

0/10 – for IRA services

5/10 – as a gold buyer


If you’re looking for an official gold IRA company that has a proven track record my highest recommendation would have to be Regal Assets.

Regal Assets has been dedicated to helping you protect your savings from hyperinflation, the declining US dollar, and economic turmoil for over 50 years.

They also specialize in helping you rollover your IRA into a secure gold IRA without getting any tax penalties that can take a huge bite out of your savings.

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