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Amerigold Review

Investing in gold is the #1 strategy when it comes to protecting your savings from a variety of threats including hyperinflation and the declining US dollar. However, you can go one step further by investing in a gold IRA and in many cases have your investment grow while it is stored in a secure location.

When starting a gold IRA or rolling over an existing IRA into one you have to be very careful about which custodian you choose to manage your account. Choosing the right custodian can lead to long term profits while choosing the wrong one can actually lead to more harm than good for your assets.

In this Amerigold review we’ll see just what this company is all about and if they are right for you and your investment strategy.

Services and Products

Amerigold is a precious metals broker that sells silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Unfortunately their website does not contain a complete list of specific products so you would have to call to see exactly what they have available and how much it costs. Here is an example of their product listing:

“The most popular gold products bought and sold are:

  • 1 oz – 1/10th oz. Gold American Eagles
  • 1 oz. Gold Austrian Philharmonics
  • 1 oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Pre 1933 World Gold Coins
  • 1 oz. Privately minted brand-name bars”

As far as IRA services go, Amerigold is not an IRA custodian. Instead what they do is refer you to the American Church Trust Company. This also leads me to believe that they have a selection of IRS approved metals for IRA purposes but it isn’t specifically stated on their website.

Aside from that they do have some charts and graphs on their site about the current value of gold and other precious metals. This is a nice touch but not something that I haven’t seen before.

Overall Amerigold doesn’t seem to offer anything interesting to set themselves apart from their competition.

Customer Feedback

Normally this would be the part of our Amerigold review where I’d post various customer feedback about the company but I honestly couldn’t find anything but their BBB score:

A- – BBB

Final Verdict

There really isn’t much to say about Amerigold really. They’re a very middle of the road company as far as I can tell and the lack of feedback didn’t help matters.

Unfortunately a lack of feedback also breeds a lack of trust as far as I’m concerned. I’d personally rather do business with a company that has a positive track record rather than being a total unknown quantity.

The final score for this Amerigold review is:

0/10 – for IRA services

5/10 – as a precious metals dealer

It would really be nice if they would list their entire inventory on their website along with whether or not they sell IRS approved metals. This kind of info is very important if you’re looking to start a gold and precious metals IRA.


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