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AJPM Review

Have you invested in a gold IRA yet? If not your retirement savings could be at risk. Today’s economy is chaotic and treacherous with hyperinflation and the dying US dollar obliterating many people’s life savings.

In this AJPM review we’re going to find out just what this company is all about and if they should be a part of your investment strategy.

Services and Products

First and foremost let’s answer the big question: What does AJPM stand for? It’s an acronym for “Affordable Jewelry and Precious Metals.”

AJPM sells various precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum in both bullion and coin form. They also buy these metals as well in case you need to liquidate some of your assets.

I don’t see anything on their website about IRAs so I’m assuming they don’t help with that. Furthermore there is nothing about a mail-in program so apparently you’ll have to visit one of their locations either in Oregon or Vancouver.

Something very important to note is some of the terms mentioned on their “How to Order” page. Here are a few that stand out:

  • There are no changes or cancellations once a confirmation number has been issued.
  • Status check by Email ONLY
  • Selling to us ? Orders must be postmarked within 24 hours.

As you can tell, they have some rules that maybe an inconvenience to you.

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a moment in this AJPM review to see what people are saying about this company and how they do business.

This person enjoyed his experience with the company:

“its the only place i deal with in my gold selling/buying. The help knows what they are doing and have been very friendly and fair in all of my transactions. Definitely the place to go” – Doug F – From SiteJabber.com

This customer however had a bad experience:

“One of the worst experience ever. These retards take your order and they don’t have a clue where the order went. I have placed my order even the address is on my check, they seem to have sent (half of my calls about status went to voicemail) to my address, after a lot of fight they returned my money saying, I have not picked my parcel at post office and they sent me an empty envelop which according to them was shipped earlier which was addressed to an unknown area which doesn’t even fall in my county. I lost 50$ because the gold price fell…they didn’t even have minimum courtesy to return original amount paid.” – Jimmy J. from SiteJabber.com

This customer claims to have had trouble with the new owners of the company:

“SUMMARY: They had my business for years, but after the business was sold the new business lied to me (and I had to play games with them to get them to ship me the product that I had already paid for). Very Sad.” – Joe K. from SiteJabber.com

Here are some of the overall scores for AJPM based on customer feedback:

2.8/5 – SiteJabber

5/5 – Yelp (based off of 2 review) (based off of 1 review)

A+ – BBB

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap things up and end this AJPM review with a final score based off of all we’ve gone over so far. The final score for this company is:

0/10 – as an IRA option

3/10 – as a precious metals broker

One of the main reasons I’m giving them such a low score are all the little rules and stipulations in their order process. Not being able to get a status update on your order by phone seems shady in my opinion, allowing them to delay getting you the information you need.

On top of that they only have locations in Oregon and Vancouver, making them pretty much useless to you if you don’t live in those areas.

And finally, they offer no IRA assistance what-so-ever, not ever a referral to an IRA custodian.


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