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AAA Gold Exchange Review

Everyday more and more hardworking US citizens are losing their retirement savings due to today’s chaotic economy which has devalued our currency and devastated financial investments.

As the US dollar dies a slow and undignified death many are beginning to wake up and realize that investing in a gold IRA is just about the only way to protect their hard earned savings.

This AAA Gold Exchange review will give you an insight into this particular company and what they’re all about so you can decide if they are right for you.

Services and Products

AAA Gold Exchange is a lot different from most of the companies that I review. They’re not a precious metals broker and they’re not an official IRA custodian. Instead, AAA Gold Exchange simply buys gold from you.

Now you’re probably thinking “Why would I want to do that? I want to invest in gold, not accumulate more currency that is rapidly being devalued.”

Now you would have a good point there, but there may be times when you need to liquidate your assets. You can’t just take gold coins or bullion to the store and buy things that you need after-all.

So what makes AAA Gold Exchange unique? Here is the guarantee from their website:

“110% High Price Guarantee: Although we have one of the highest payouts in the country, you are further protected by our Guarantee. We’ll beat any legitimate offer by 10%. *Diamonds and Bullion not included.”

Here is a list of what they buy:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Coins
  • Bullion
  • Jewelry

To sell to AAA Gold Exchange you can either visit one of their locations in Southern California or Hawaii, or you can use their mail-in program.

Customer Reviews

Here we will take a look at what customers of AAA Gold Exchange are saying about the company so you can get an idea of how they like to do business.

This individual had a positive customer service experience:

“Came here this past Monday. It was my first time selling Gold. Worked with Scott, who kindly explained to me how the process works. Learned so much while he was pricing my exchange and got an AWESOME payment plus extra being military!! Best part was it was so quick!

Thanks so much Scott and AAA. Will be back soon!!.” – Ervin N from Yelp.com

On the other hand, this customer was less than impressed with their customer service:

“Terrible customer service! There was only one male worker who made it obvious that he hated his job, he didn’t even introduce himself or explain the process to me. He offered me $27 for a pair of my diamond earrings and $150 for my gold Hawaiian bracelet. He threw in the 10% for mentioning yelp, whoopee.  I don’t know if he was trying to take advantage of me because I’m young, but I’m not that stupid.” – Chelsea B Yelp.com

This customer had a relatively good experience and appreciated the fact that they explained everything to her:

“Super pleasant and easy to work with.  I’m not a regular selling things, and the woman that helped me explained everything with patience and kindness! Thanks for the lovely experience!” – Heather P from Yelp.com

I’m going to post some ratings here that AAA Gold Exchange has received from various sources. Keep in mind that they have several locations and most of these scores are location specific.

5/5 – Yelp (Huntington Beach CA)

4/5 – Yelp (Los Angeles CA)

1/5 – Yelp (Torrance CA)

4.5/5 – Yelp (Kailua HI)

2.5/5 – Yelp (Lake Forest CA)

1/5 – Yelp (Lakewood CA)

7.5/10 – Top 10 Reviews.com

1/5 – TrustLink (Garden Grove CA)

Final Verdict

Let’s end this AAA Gold Exchange Review with a final score for this company based on my research and on what others have said about it from their own experiences. The final score is:

0/10 – as an IRA option

6/10 – as a gold buying company

Overall it seems like AAA Gold Exchange is a decent option if you want to sell your gold and other precious metals. While there are some reports of poor customer service here and there, reviews and overall scores seem to be mostly positive. That being said, certain locations do seem to be better than others as far as customer service goes.


If you’re looking to invest in gold instead of sell it, my top recommendation would have to be Regal Assets.

Regal Assets is dedicated to helping you protect your savings from economic factors which could cause you to lose everything. They also have several unique services and features as well such as:

– Buys back products at spot price so you don’t get ripped off

– Has an industry leading flat fee and will even cover your first year expenses for you

– Assets are delivered via insured mail for smaller packages while larger shipments are delivered via Brinks armored delivery service and escorted by armed guards.

– Has a 7 day deliver policy on all gold, silver, and platinum so you have fast access to your assets

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